Business Offsites #onaboat

"On a boat" offers outstanding tailor-made and affordable business offsite at the Mediterranean Sea.


Teambuilding #onaboat

Our sailing vessel and our professional coaches create top performing teams.


Mobile office #onaboat

Extend your sphere of activity on a mobile office at Mediterranean Sea.


  • Teambuilding that really works
  • Top coaches - highly experienced
  • Great methods
  • Effective approach
  • Fully customised to your team challenges
  • Exklusive 24/7 support
  • Attractive locations
  • Personal point of contact
  • sustainably succesful
  • Wow-effect included


Business Offsites

  • Your business offsite #onaboat - with your own or an external coach
  • Training success guaranteed
  • Small groups or just your company
  • Exclusive 24/7 support
  • Fully business outfitted sailing vessel
  • All your need for your business is available
  • Attractive locations - all around the Mediterranean Sea
  • Personal point of contact
  • Wow-effect included

Business offsites

Mobile office

  • Temporary usage of SV LIMA
  • Fully equipped for your mobile office
  • Extend your sphere of influence to countries all over the Mediterranean Sea
  • WLAN, Laser printer, mobile flipchart included
  • Papers, pencils, moderators' suitcase included
  • Top location for outstanding meetings also together with your clients
  • Skipper included
  • Up to 6 persons can sleep onboard - included
  • 24/7 support
  • English, German, French, Croatian spoken

Mobile office

What is "on-a-boat.com"?

"on-a-boat.com" is the outstanding combination from professional business consulting and sailing.

There is almost no similar way of giving people joy and emotions than being on a sailing vessel. Enabling joy and emotion to business and you have outstanding people working for you. 

"on a boat" team building events let you team be part of something special. Your team gets noticeable better and more successful.

Business trainings on boats are by far more valuable than in any other environment. You are fully focussed. Free of daily business ballast. Your brain, your heart and your soul are open. This is the best for learning something new.

Working for some time #onaboat on a fully equipped mobile office is mind-blowing. Extend your business or just work in a spectacular environment. That is "on-a-boat.com". 


Get to your vessel in the Mediterranean Sea from everywhere in Europe - It is worth it..

"on a boat" you find trainings and events for groups from 1 to 12 participants - more if you would like to.

Why "on-a-boat.com"?

The vision of "on-a-boat.com" is to bring the joy, emotion, love, passion and motivation from sailing into your daily business.

We offer impressive experiences in environments you will never forget. No stuffy meeting room you have to learn in. Experience a new way of improving your skills, design performant team and celebrate success - on the most beautiful places across Europe.

"on a boat" makes you and your employees want to improve personal and business skills. You will love how cool it is to be a performing team. Your employees will be highly motivated to be succesful in their job. Your company will be more successful economically. Your employees will love your company and do everything for keeping your success.

There is no better way of motivating people.

"on-a-boat.com" is your first adress for effective staff development, personality improvement and enabling performance of your team.

Your benefit

"on-a-boat" has the Wow-effect. It is a great concept service you will have a long lasting positive benefit. 

Get more information about how you and your employees will benefit from business trainings, team buildings and incentives "on a boat".

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Individual offering

You can immediately book our exclusive packages.

And you also have the chance to get an individual tailor-made business training, team building or event "on a boat". We plan and execute trainings and events that perfectly fit your needs.

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The "on a boat" concept

Find out what is behind the scenes of "on a boat".

Learn about the concept and the people behind. 

Read why "on a boat" is s key success factor for your company.

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...makes succesful executives and top motivated employees.

"on-a-boat.com" is

  • Outstanding business offsites #onaboat
  • Great team building #onaboat
  • Most flexible mobile office at Adriatic sea

Our company has an own sailing yacht (SV LIMA) where all this happens.


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